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"50% of people live in urban environments" "If they don't see the natural world, they won't know how to care for it." 
-Sir David Attenborough

From the grounds to the roofs, Urban Green Bee aims to fill cities, hospitals, schools , and military bases with beautiful pollinator gardens. These gardens unite people with nature, promote education & conservation, and aid in the therapeutic process. 

Ecosystem enhancement creates eco-corridors that provide increased habitat and gene pools which bolster pollinators!

TRANSLATED: the whole community benefits! 
​People get to enjoy the beauty and function of a tranquil living space. The plants and animals get the respect and care they deserve. 

Ecosystem services activate!
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UGB wants to improve the quality of life for recovering veterans and other community members by creating peaceful pollinator gardens on military hospital grounds. 
Secret Project underway, 
stay tuned! 

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Veterans History Project
Heidi recently promoted the VHP with CBS Evening News! Check it out here

Make the Connection
Heidi shared part of her veteran/family story in an interview with the Veterans Affairs MTC crew. Check it out here

UGB + Crown Bees = 
Pollinator Biodiversity!
Heidi has joined forces with Crown Bees to bolster native pollinators!
Ask how you can get involved and become a citizen scientist!

Urban Green Bee: 
Ecosystem Enhancement!
UGB will transform your ordinary space into a magically buzzing oasis that soothes your senses and unites the community
All hail the queen!